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All in Good Time was featured in the February 6th, 2005 edition
of the Colorado Springs Gazette's Slice section.

Below is a short excerpt from the article.
(Reprinted with permission of The Gazette)

A matter of time
Clockmaker keeps antique clocks ticking through years

Many entrepreneurs are driven by the ticking of the clock. After all, time is money.

Daryl Anderson’s business takes a different approach: it runs on clocks that don’t tick.

All in Good Time, Anderson’s home-based business in Monument, repairs old, antique and sentimental clocks with an unhurried devotion that keeps his customers from coming back — it’s not necessary. When he’s done, their clocks work just fine.

Specializing in springwound, weight-driven and early electric clocks, he’s worked on timepieces manufactured as recently as 2004, as well as some handcrafted in the 1700s.

Anderson prefers to use old-fashioned trade tools, many gleaned from the attics and workshops of longtime clockmakers. If a tool was good enough for one of the old masters, it’s good enough for him.

But he doesn’t shy away from modern technology. Using a digital camera and computer, he creates a visual journal of each clock’s “surgery” for its owner. His images record bent screws, damaged gears and loose springs.....

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