Barometer Repair Services

Barometers and barographs are instruments used to measure atmospheric pressure. These typically come in the form of Aneroid or Mercurial types.

  • Aneroid, the most common, function by means of a sealed chamber which expands and contracts with the change in air pressure. Because these are entirely mechanical, most problems are attributed to aspects of wear and friction, e. g., dirty and gummy bushings, burred pivots, broken strings, stretched springs, seized chains, etc.

  • Mercurial barometers work, essentially, by means of a sealed tube of mercury which varies in its position in the tube based upon the existing pressure of the atmosphere. *Due to the hazardous nature and the availability of mercury, I do not service mercury barometers when called upon to replace and/or refill glass tubes. There are people on either coast that will do this repair of which I can supply information to contact them.* I will, however, install and inspect these types of barometers.

  • Barographs are cylindrical moving graphs that record the variances of the atmospheric pressure. Common problems involve motor problems, ink restriction problems and any of the problems that occur with Aneroid barometers.

A final point to consider is that the performance of a barometer in the Rocky Mountain region is NOT going to perform as well as lower elevations in the country simply due to the ‘thinness’ of the air compared to sea level.




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