Clock Repair Services

Clocks are machines. They must perform accurately, dependably and constantly through many years of service. Your antique or vintage clock may have been running more or less constantly for over 100 years. Your clock may have lived through several moves (even a move across a room can alter its accuracy). It may have survived harsh conditions such as very high or very low humidity, or extremes in temperature. It may simply be worn out.

A few things to think about as you contact us:

  • Did your clock stop working as the result of a move?

  • Is your clock electric and is the motor no longer working?

  • Is your clock old and gradually started to run less and less accurately?

  • Was your spring wound clock over-wound?

Give All in Good Time a call at 719-481-3384 or contact us by email, and we'll give you a fast, free, no strings estimate of what the repair will cost (If we get to your clock and find that it's not broken, just in need of a tuning or balancing, we'll get it going on the spot. No need to take it from your home.)

A few questions I've been asked regarding clock repair:

How much does clock repair cost?

Every clock is different. Depending on its age, condition and exactly what it is that needs repaired or replaced, the costs can vary greatly. We take the worry out of the picture by giving you a free, no obligation estimate of repair costs before we begin the repair process.

I have a large Grandfather clock.
Do you repair large clock at your shop, in in my home?

Depending on what's going on with your clock, many minor repairs, cleaning and adjusting can be done in your home. If more extensive repairs are needed, the movement can be removed and taken to the shop.

Can I clean and lubricate my clock myself?

Mechanical clocks have many small, delicate parts. Although you can clean and lubricate your own clock, the wrong cleaning agent can actually harm the small gears and springs inside your clock and the wrong lubricant such as off the shelf penetrating oils will quickly attract dust or can dry over time even causing your clock to run worse than before. We use cleaners and lubricants specially formulated for clock movements ensuring that your clock will stay clean and run for many years to come.




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