Mechanical bird (or Bird box)

Mechanical birds generally come in two forms:
     1. In a cage with anywhere from one to four birds,
     2. In a small case where the bird is hidden until activated and then comes up from the top and sings and dances.

Problems typically seen with these mechanisms are:
     1. No movement. Often caused by: broken mainspring; ‘frozen/gummy’ gears; broken/dislocated springs, etc.
     2. No singing of the bird(s). This is usually the result of damaged bellows and/or sticking (immovable) gears.

Even though mechanical birds were first created back in the 1700’s for the French kings, their most notable popularity came in the 1950’s and 1960’s. These ‘birds’ are, for the most part, made in Switzerland and, based on the age of the unit, will have some replacement parts still available. If a broken part is not available, then it may be manufactured.




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