Antique Record Player Repair Services

The description of ‘Antique record players’ involves almost anything that reproduces sound by a mechanical means from an external source. This does not include CD reproducing phonographs players that have been made in the last ten years. I specialize in:

  • Victrola’ players, which is a generic term for any wind-up record player of 78 rpm discs including (to name a few): Edison; Brunswick; & Columbia.

  • Cylinder machines, such as, Edison, Graphaphone and Dictaphone.

  • Disc players which are covered in ‘Music boxes and birds’.

Typical problems with these machines are: broken main springs, seized and worn-out governors, clutches, gears, etc.

Although customers in the past have asked me for a complete restoration (mechanism and cabinet) of their unit, I have forwarded the cabinet repair to qualified wood finishers who are better equipped than I.





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